Cycle City Network Nepal and Clean Energy Nepal as a part of MaYA- Manav kendrit Yatayat Abhiyan (A Campaign for People-centric Transport System) have initiated “Bike to School” Campaign to aware school/college students on importance and benefits of cycling culture, road safety and encourage them to bike to school. The campaign includes presentation on benefits and importance of cycling, documentary show, empowering children to cycle, and installation of bicycle parking facilities in the school premise. A survey conducted in 10 schools of Kathmandu Valley (with over 500 students) showed that around 77% of students know how to ride bicycle however only 5% of surveyed students ride their bicycle daily. And only very few ride their bicycle to school. Over 77% of students were found to travel school on foot, while 19% use either school bus or public transportation. 41% of the students perceived safety as major concern for cycling to school. Avoid extra spacing was found that most of the school children ride bicycle during Nepal Bandh as they could ride freely with ease and without disturbance from the vehicles. Around 26% of students ride their bicycles few times a week. If provided safer cycle routes to school, there will be more students to ride their bicycle to schools/colleges.

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