Why Cycling?

  1. Combats growing Pollution: The benefits of cycling are not just for the cyclist, but help enhance the environment. Cycling also helps protect green spaces, monuments and building from the adverse effects of pollution.

  2. An alternative to fuel crisis that visits us quite often. On a cycle, you don’t burn gasoline; all you burn are your calories.

  3. Improves health condition:

  4. Road structure: Cycles do not require massive highways or extensive parking areas. In case of collision, they are unlikely to kill, and a cyclist can more easily avoid a collision.

  5. Traffic: Cycles actually reduce traffic congestion and the economic cost of traffic delays.

  6. Energy: On a cycle you take up little space, burn no gasoline and produce no waste, whereas a motorbike will travel 1,600 km (960 miles) on the equivalent energy of a gallon of gas.

  7. Economy: The comparison of cost of the average automobile is far much higher than the cost of operating a bicycle, amount spent on servicing and so on. Also, firms with cyclists will save lot of valuable time that is wasted on traffic jams.

  8. Use of materials: Between 70 and 100 cycles can be built with the resources required to build one car. The amount of steel and other materials in its construction is less than two percent of that found in a small car.

  9. World Heritage Sites: There are seven heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley alone. It’s our duty to protect it, for the sake of our culture, identity and our world recognition as well. Cycles if promoted near and around these sites will obviously lend a hand in their conservation activities, by reducing pollution and good traffic management and promote tourism at the same time.

  10. Tourism. Kathmandu Valley is one of the hotspot for the holiday making for tourists around the world. Rich in cultural heritage and scenic beauty, cycling in Kathmandu valley is one of the favorite activity tourists are attracted to. So obviously Cycle friendly Kathmandu will boost tourism industry here.

  11. Promote Sustainable Development of the country: Bicycles need fewer amounts of resources for construction Cycle construction needs less investment and local resources could be utilized for it. Furthermore it will also provide job opportunity to many Nepalese in a long run.

  12. Initiate a better Nepal simply through the use of bicycle. Cleaner, Healthier and Safer Nepal campaign can be established with Cycling City Concepts in Kathmandu and other parts of Nepal.

  13. Climate Change: Cycle can help combat climate change, for it produces no smoke, requires fewer amounts of materials for its construction and prepare us for adaptation for already happening climate change. Hence it is an eco-friendly means of both mitigating and adapting with climate change.

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