First Team Ride 50 K route


Date: June 25

Riders: Chakshu Malla, Preiz Amatya, Samartha Kaji Shakya, Hari Sharan, Usha Khanal, Agyeya Shrestha

Supposed to start at 7 AM from Patan, this first team ride actually started after 45 minutes of delay. The weather was perfect while we started our ride, and continued to be so for the whole day. We actually didn’t know how much time it will take us to complete the ride, because we usually used to do the recce rides section by section. With some chit chats, jokes and photo shoot in the trail we reached the first water point of Naikap around 9 AM.

Then, the ride went well till the Ichangu Narayan where we sat to have light lunch. And, this place is in fact the second water point. The weather was cool as in the morning, and we headed down the most accident prone of the entire Kora circuit, the infamous downhill of Ichangunarayan. We have been observing high accident rates on this particular section since 2012. After this one scary section comes pleasant ride along the suburb of Nagarjun forest. This area got pretty special vibes because of the almost rural like settling and closeness to the dense protected forest nearby. This vibe breaks as soon we enter the Bohoratar with a bustling market and motorcycles horns.

After the downhill of Balaju Baisdhara Park, the muddy roads with full of potholes lead to Balaju Bypass till Nepualtar Bus stop. We have a small change at this section this time, now the trail goes via Loktantrik Chwok finally to meet the old trail along the Bishnumati river. Like previous years we followed the suburb road till Tokha road, Dhapasi. After riding few hundred meters on this road we took the right turn and reached the third water point. And, we climbed a pretty good uphill to reach the Hepali Height. Hepali height to Golfutar is a pretty good ride. There will be another water point at Golfutar, we suggest you to take some rest here because the ride till Boudha is pretty tough and got few challenging uphills!

After this water point the well-maintained tarmac road leads you till few hundred metres, until you have to take an unexpected left turn at Mandikhtar. The road goes down to the Dhobikhola, after crossing the bridge and some winding roads prepare yourself for a serious climb. This climb got two sections, first one’s got a good uphill with some bends and the second one is a straight ascent towards the Kapan hill. Our boys were finding hard to maintain their speed. Don’t take too much seriously, push continuously there are enough resting points ahead. If you find hard, hydrate, rest but move onn! If you reach the Kapan Bus stand, think your Kora is almost over. So, we took time to recover ourselves. Now, we headed towards Boudha which was within 1 KM of distance.

After a Kora around Boudhhanath Stupa, we crossed the main street and took the road to Samata School. This school will be the lunch point for all the Kora riders. And, then we have the final stretch of Kora ahead. We headed towards Bagmati, rode along the river towards north east to cross the bridge on our right. Soon after crossing the bridge, a newly repaired road was ahead us but damn, it was another uphill again! Phew, we somehow managed to climb and it was a worth climb because there is a good view from there towards Boudha. And, yes I forget to mention this is the last uphill section and you are just behind the Tribhuwan International Airport.

Now, follow the road along the airport, this will lead you to Pepsicola Chwok. Prepare to tackle with Kathmandu traffic, go straight towards Jadibuti chwok. From this intersection, don’t follow the main highway, just cross this intersection and go to the other end, first take right but don’t follow the main highway towards Koteshwor. And, take left towards Narephaant, this section is pretty tricky but you can avoid the crazy traffic and dust for at least few KMs. This detour leads you to the Balkumari bridge on Ringroad. Yesss, Balkumari …., now we are in ancient Patan Kingdom. Now, its time to ride through the ancient old streets of Patan. It was nearly 2 O’clock when we reached the durbar square.



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