Photography Contest: Inviting all Photography Enthusiasts for Celebration of World Bicycle Day 2022


On the occasion of the marking of World Bicycle Day, June 3, Cycle City Network Nepal is organizing a Photo Competition with the theme ‘Bicycle and Environment’. The day is when we celebrate bicycles as a simple, affordable, clean, and environmentally sustainable means of transportation. Photography is a powerful medium of expression to communicate messages about a subject. Through this contest, we seek to inspire the creation and dissemination of positive imagery, which conveys the significance of bicycles in the environment. 

June 3 which is declared ‘World Bicycle Day’ since 2018 by the United Nations, is celebrated for the promotion of bicycling acknowledging the versatility and uniqueness of the bicycle, as well as its reliability and sustainability as a mode of transportation. The day highlights the power of bicycles and their importance which promotes physical-mental health, and economic growth reducing inequalities achieving Sustainable Development Goals, and combating climate change.

This is a free and open photo competition eligible to every photography enthusiast regardless of age, or gender. Any kind of photography tools like a camera or mobile can be used. So, Cycle City Network Nepal welcomes you to participate in this contest by submitting photos that correspond to the given theme and joining in our action to promote the bicycle as a pollution-free mode of transport and conserve the environment. As well, we encourage you for more creativity in this photo contest. 

Upon the decision by the panel of jury, the winner will be chosen and announced on the day of World Bicycle day 2022, June 3 on our social media page of Greenway Nepal, CCNN. The winner will take home the cash prize of Rs.5000 and additional gift hampers.

Before the photo submission, please read carefully the terms and conditions required for this contest. You can find it in the photo submission link as well.

 Photo entries till May 31, 2022. 

Please submit your photo at

Looking forward to your photo submissions.



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