Bicycle To School-Kasthamandap School

Under the Campaign-“Bicycle To School” , Cycle City Network Nepal organized an awareness program in collaboration with Lion’s Club of Kathmandu Cycle City and Kasthamandap School. The Students from Higher Secondary level of Kasthamandap School Participated in the program.

Cycling has immense economic, environmental, and health benefits, and is an integral part of sustainable urban mobility. To promote cycling culture, it is very important to aware and educate young people on the importance and benefits of cycling, and encourage more young people to cycle to school.

 Bicycle to School is an initiative designed to let children learn more about cycles. This includes helping them learn about the rules and regulations, safety, road rules, using and riding a cycle. Bicycle to School, as the name stands, will also motivate the kids to ride their cycles to school or to ride a cycle in general.

Participants of Bicycle To School-Campaign-Kasthamandap School

Anuradha Shrestha, secretariat at Cycle  City Network Nepal initiated the program with information on the current status of Urban Mobility in context to Kathmandu. The students were presented with information regarding Sustainable Urban Mobility with the focus on Cycle as means of daily commute. The Students participated actively in the discussion session as they were not unknown to the adverse health effects, mental health effects and dangers of the mobility system in urban city like Kathmandu. The Presentation was followed by queries from the students and a small quiz from the organizing team. Badges were distributed to the winners of the quiz as a way to encourage them to participate in the discussion. The Students got to share their memories with bicycles. The Students showed great interest towards a cycling club in the school and were excited about the idea. 

Photo Exhibition, In Celebration of World Bicycle Day 2022

Upon the call for a Photo Contest on the occasion of World Bicycle Day, organized by Cycle City Network Nepal from May 19 to May 31, 2022, about 123 photos depicting stories and messages behind the subject of the photos were received. As the theme of the contest was “Bicycle and Environment”, the subject of the photos was basically a bicycle. Photography is not only about capturing the subject, but also an art. We found different creativity added to the subject of the photos that the participants want others to observe, and feel about the subject.

Among the 123 photos, the top 18 photos were chosen to exhibit for the photo exhibition. The top 18 photos include 1 winning photo with 2 special mention photos. The jury of the competition was Mr.Kishor Shrestha from Nepal Photo Journalist Federation, Ms.Nisha Bhandari, Photojournalist –, and Mr.Susheel Shrestha, Photojournalist Through the intensive selection round, the top 18 photos were chosen.

Special Mention Photographer Pramin Manandhar Receiving Certificate and Prize from Jury
Jury member Kishor Shrestha receiving appreciation certificate from CCNN team member Naina Nembang
Jury Member Susheel Shrestha receiving appreciation certificate from Vice President of CCNN Nivesh Dugar
Participants and jury pose for a group picture at Batuka Creamery

The photo exhibition will be held from June 4 to June 18 (11 am-7 pm) at Batuka Creamery, Basantapur. The opening of the exhibition was held on June 3, 2022, at 4 pm at the venue followed by prize distribution. Mr. Jenson Singh became the winner of the photo contest and walked away with Cash prize of Nrs 5000 along with gift hampers from Greenway, Mtb Cafe and Batuka Creamery , while the two special mentions were Mr. Aakash Shrestha and Mr. Pramin Manandhar who won gift hampers by Greenway Nepal, Mtb Cafe and Batuka Creamery respectively.

Through the lens of the photographers, we will view the subject of the photo the way they want us to see it, and connect with the subject and its background story. Organizing the photo contest and photo exhibition, raising awareness about cycling, and conveying the indirect message of conservation through bicycle photography is what Cycle City Network Nepal wanted to achieve. Promoting bicycles and spreading awareness to a wider audience through encouraging bicycle photography can be one of the effective communication tools.


Sno First Name Last Name Gender Country City Caption for your Photograph
1 Jenson Singh Male Nepal Lalitpur Pedal for a thriving planet
2 Manish Kc Male Nepal Kavre Ranges
3 Ram prasad Shahi Male Nepal Kathmandu Cycling through high mountains .
4 Pramin Manandhar Male Nepal Kathmandu A man rides his bicycle while a child holds on to him.
5 Rabin Shrestha Male Nepal Kathmandu Nothing’s better than getting lost in nature with the bike
6 Anuj Shakya Male Nepal Lalitpur Man hath still either toys, or care ; He hath no root, nor to one place is tied, But ever restless and irregular About this Earth doth run and ride. He knows he hath a home, but scarce knows where ; He says it is so far, That he hath quite forgot how to go there.
7 Iftakharul Munna Male Bangladesh Dhaka Save nature
8 Sandesh Gurung Male Nepal Pokhara When in doubt, pedal it out
9 Arun Swamy   India Hyderabad When bicycle forced to merge with nature
10 Niranjan Bista Male Nepal Lalitpur It is an extra fun to cycle in snowy mountain if only global warming is controlled
11 Kumar Lohala Male Nepal Kathmandu Ride to feel nature
12 Nisan Twayana Male Nepal Bhaktapur The Green Paradise
13 Sunil Khyaju Male Nepal Libali The Conquers ( cycle connect bhaktapur)…..king of HILLS Bethanchowk
14 Sunil Khyaju Male Nepal Libali Not only Plane above the cloud !!!!!!
15 Bidhyasagar Tamrakar Male Nepal Kathmandu Childhood companion cycle
16 Aakash Shrestha Male Nepal Birtamode Peeping through the window of nature you see humans enjoying the most amazing invention.
17 Diamond Thapa Aslami Male Nepal Kathmandu Cyclist on foggy weather
18 Prachan Bhujel Male Nepal Tikathali The story behind this beautiful picture is self explanatory during this era of rising fuel prices. This photograph was captured during my regular weekend ride initiated a decade ago to contribute in reducing my carbon footprint. Therefore, I use to say “Burning calories is far better than burning fuel to heal the nature”

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Let’s be part of the Bicycle Rally on June 4

Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN), in collaboration with Tour De Lumbini, Creasion Nepal, Rotaract club of Yala, Panc Bike, is organizing a bicycle rally on June 4, on the occasion of World Bicycle Day June 3, and World Environment Day June 5. For the cause of the conservation movement “Save Soil”, CCNN invites all interested people to be a part of campaign day. The World Bicycle Day draws attention to the benefits of using the bicycle- simple, affordable, reliable, clean, and environmentally fit and sustainable means of transportation. The World Environment Day is celebrated with the 2022 campaign slogan “Only One Earth” focusing on “Living Sustainably in Harmony with Nature”. Sharing the common goal of environment protection and achieving sustainable development goals, both days are equally powerful advocacy tools to raise global awareness on environmental concerns.

Save Soil is a global movement launched by Indian Spiritual Leader Sadhguru, to address the soil crisis and bring together people from all over the world to stand up for soil health by increasing organic content in cultivable soil. The movement seeks to global consensus for urgent action to save soil from extinction. To activate and demonstrate citizen support for this movement, Cycle City Network Nepal came up with a campaign event to “save soil” through cycling.

The campaign event is happening on June 4, 2022.

Venue- Jawalakhel, Lalitpur, Time- 7 am, and Distance- Approximately 10 km

Participants are requested to bring their own water bottle and bicycle. Refreshments are also provided for the day. For the lucky first 500 registered participants, free t-shirts are available as well. The rally route is

Save Soil Bicycle Rally Route

Download and sign in/sign up for Greenway Nepal App and join the event “Save Soil Bicycle Rally” and track your ride and carbon savings during the ride. Download the app at

Free registration here

Let’s all cycle for “Save Soil” and the environment.

#worldbicycleday #worldenvironmentday #savesoil #bicycle4soil #bicycle4sdgs #greenway

Greenway Nepal exhibited its green innovation at CAN Info-Tech 2022

As a green initiative in the field of information technology with the development of mobile applications, Greenway Nepal App was exhibited at CAN InfoTech 2022, one of Nepal’s most anticipated ICT-related exhibitions. The exhibition is such a place where a broader crowd will be present, so it was an ideal platform to exhibit Greenway Nepal App and raise awareness among the public about how the use of mobile technology can contribute to urban sustainability. Around 281 people attended our exhibition stall.

Organized by the Federation of Computer Association Nepal (CAN), the exhibition was held at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu for 6 days from 20-25 April. During the six days event, Greenway Nepal, as a multi-stakeholder campaign implemented by Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN) with various organizations aiming to promote cycling and sustainable urban mobility, collaborated with its two new consortium partners: Clean Up Nepal and Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) which embarked their future partnership for urban sustainability by extending its scope to solid waste management and plantation of trees.

Although it was a joint effort of the new three partners, each of us had three different activities presented to the public. While we had our greenway app, the other two partners performed solid waste management game/waste management programs (Clean Up Nepal) and briefing about 0ne million trees campaign (WCN). We cooperated and exchanged knowledge of our projects. It was great teamwork. The attendees attracted to cycling and greenway Nepal was given a briefing about the greenway campaign the development of the technological product, the greenway Nepal app, and instructed on how to use it. To perk up this event, a scheme ‘CAN InfoTech event ride’ with a reward of Rs.4500 worth of goodie bags from Pancbike was even launched on the app. Exhibiting at CAN InfoTech, was an opportunity where we interact with the public and learn what areas we are doing well and which areas need room for improvement. On this matter, a research survey was conducted as well so as to know about the perception of the public regarding cycling.

Data were collected from 281 participants which were further given to the research team, GD Labs. Based on their perceptions, it seemed that the majority of the participants knew how to ride a bicycle, and also they seem to be environmentally aware of the use of cycling as a pollution-free mode of transport, however, they feel unsafe riding on the street because of the lack of cycle infrastructures, especially cycle lanes and safety reasons. From the research study, it can be concluded that if there is the availability of proper cycle infrastructures and safety management for cycle riders, Kathmandu has a high potential to be known as a cycle-friendly city. If a government should focus on cycle policy and infrastructure to make cycling safer and easier in a city, it should create vehicle-free zone areas, and also rules and regulations should be stricter and more effective. Some of the changes that the participants think should be made include public awareness about existing cycle infrastructures and giving respect to the cycle riders on the street (especially disrespect from large vehicles). Health benefits, followed by environmental concerns seem to be the motivation for the participants for riding a cycle. Furthermore, if the cycle infrastructures are well improved, it can also be a great motivational factor. Below, we have some data from the research.

As an exhibitor, we not only showcased our app product to the exhibition stall attendees, but also got to exchange information and served as a chance to learn about the current technologies that other exhibitors showcased ranging from the network, security, mobile phones, and other digital solutions used in agriculture, health and other sectors.

The CAN Infotech exhibition was a place where we inform the public about where and how technology met green innovation.

Greenway Campaign Launched in Tilottama Municipality

Greenway campaign was launched in Tilottama Municipality of Rupandehi district by distributing bicycles to 51 school girls along with a bicycle rally. Bicycles were provided to 51 poor, destitute, marginalized, and backward class girls studying in community schools on the basis of the recommendation of the ward office on Friday 17 December 2021.

Under the Green-Way Nepal Campaign, bicycles have been distributed to the girls in Tilotta in collaboration with the Municipality, United Nations Development Program, Ncell, Kantipur Media Group, Cycle City Butwal, and Cycle City Network Nepal.

Speaking on the occasion, Mayor Basudev Ghimire said that bicycles have been provided to the adolescents to promote the cycle journey for healthy living and a clean city. Mayor Ghimire believes that getting a bicycle will make it easier for teenagers to reach school and will help them in their studies. Stating that Tilottama has been developed as an environment-friendly city, he informed that a mobile app will also be launched for the development of cycling culture. He said that Tilottama would be developed as a bicycle city as cycling would improve one’s health. Tilottama had distributed bicycles to more than 100 working women last year.

Speaking on the occasion, Lumbini-Gandaki Chief of the United Nations Development Program, Sudip Aryal, said that a bicycle promotion program has been launched for sustainable development, adding that the program would help in protecting the environment. Nivesh Dugad, vice-president of Cycle City Network Nepal, said that increasing the number of bicycle users would help in reducing air pollution and would have a positive impact on human health.

Ncell’s Swastik Ghimire mentioned that the cycling campaign will protect the environment of the city. In the program conducted by the spokesperson of the municipality Surendra Shree, the representatives of Bicycle Entrepreneurs Association Rupandehi, Bicycle City Butwal, and other organizations discussed the health and environment of a person while riding a bicycle. After the program, Mayor Basudev Ghimire, Deputy Mayor Jageshwari Devi Chaudhary, and other people’s representatives and teenagers who received bicycles also held a bicycle rally.

World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day 2021 “I Cycle Because…”

On the occasion of World Bicycle Day 2021, we asked some fellow cyclists why they cycle. We have compiled all the submitted videos and have published them. It was really fun to hear your stories of what you think is needed to make bicycles a true part of everyday life, why it’s fun, why you love it, what kinds of things and places you see on your rides, and what you believe is needed to make bicycles a true part of life. And if you are trying to find a reason to cycle then join us in our campaign “My way, Greenway” through our mobile application. Thank you all for your participation and Happy World Bicycle Day 2021! #CycleCityNetworkNepal #CCNN #cycling #gogreen #healthylife #saveenvironment #WorldBicycleDay #WorldBicycleDayCampaign #purposeofcycling

bike for change

Bike the Lake forms a partnership with Cycle City Network Nepal to support cycling across Nepal

12th of March 2021

Kathmandu and Geneva – Bike the Lake ( BTL)  and Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN) are delighted to announce a strategic partnership to support cycling in Nepal.

The partnership will support practical programs to help people to cycle to work, support women and children to cycle more through training on maintenance and road safety, highlight the environmental benefits of cycling, alongside the COVID-safe aspects of cycling compared to public transport:

Bike the Lake will support outreach to other partners, directly and jointly fundraise to support the 4 programs, and build the bilateral cycling community between its members in Geneva and the CCNN cyclists in Nepal.

CCNN will continue to advocate for cycling in Nepal and build out its 4 programs through joint fundraisers with BTL and other partners including UNDP and UNESCO.

In our December Cycle Challenge, we challenged our community to cycle more than 50 km and 0.5kms climbing, each week until the end of 2020. Impressive performances of over 400kms and 4000 metres climbing were seen each week, along with sharing routes and tips. Together with Visuals and UNESCO we fundraised around CHF3000 to strategically support cycling in Nepal. 

This years’ Bike the Lake event will support CCNN, and also help CCNN attract other more substantial funding to build cycling in Nepal. 

Strava and Facebook platforms to continue to build as joint communities,  with challenges along the way.

We are grateful for the continued support from our sponsors WTV. and Visuals, as well as UNESCO.

Bike the Lake‘ is a group of relaxed cyclists in the Lake Geneva region who like to get out on their bikes regularly with the goal of an annual charitable cycle around Lake Geneva. Founded in 2007 we have varied our charitable support across projects education and health and now for the first time we are pleased to have found a strategic partner focused on cycling with health and educational aspects where we can make a real difference. 

The main annual Bike the Lake event is a one day cycle around Lake Geneva – 185km)

Cycle City Network-Nepal (CCNN)”, started as a campaign “Kathmandu Cycle City-2020” in 2009 to make Kathmandu a cycle-friendly city by 2020, and later on it established in 2012, as a non-profit organization dedicated to improve the quality of the environment and contribute to a healthy lifestyle by promoting the use of eco-friendly means of transport, the bicycle. currently, it has initiated another campaign as “My way is Greenway”. The campaign focuses on promoting cycling by incentivizing the rides of the cycle users as well as letting the local government bodies provide more support in terms of infrastructure for cycling. The main attraction of the campaign is the mobile application meant for cycle users. Currently, the mobile application is over the google play store. The link to the mobile application is Greenway.


Media contacts:  Sailendra Dangol | +977 9851229253 |

Jon Bastow | +33 652928779 | 

 Bike for Change



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