Membership for Cycle City Network Nepal announced

Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN) is excited to open its 2018 call for applications for new members!

Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN) is an is non-profit youth network with a dedication to improve the quality of environment, health and infrastructures by promoting the use of eco-friendly means of transport, the bicycle. The aim of this group is to justify, influence and encourage people to do cycling and lend hands in policy making, infrastructure development for secure, reliable and attractive depiction of bicycles among the people of all ages and groups. It aims to develop cycling as a sustainable and viable means of urban transportation.

We are looking for young people who are passionate about sustainable transport and environment and are eager to further their experience through advocacy work.

CCNN is a member-driven organization; time commitment and availability is key to CCNN’s success. In addition to supporting our principles and values, we look for members who have enough time to meaningfully contribute to the work that we do (members are required to devote a minimum of 7 hours per week to CCNN’s activities, which includes responding to emails, contributing to online discussions and taking part in our planned activities).

Cycle City Network Nepal recognizes the contributions and crucial perspectives that individuals from marginalized communities bring to our team.

Desirable skills and competencies include:

Demonstrated leadership experience;
Experience in fund development including proposal writing and stakeholder engagement;
Experience in strategic planning, budgeting, and human resource management, designing reports;
Facilitation and public speaking skills;
Experience in information and communications technologies, graphic design.
Experience in organizing advocacy campaigns;
Experience advocating for environment and sustainable transport ; and
Experience with local/regional/international volunteer and/or youth organizations/networks.

Membership Survey 2018

With a purpose to open the membership of Cycle City Network Nepal, an online survey was conducted via social media during the month of September 2018. The results of the survey are graphically presented in the article below. The survey depicted that the membership to the organization be announced for interested members to connect in the advocacy, campaigning and programs of the Cycle City Network Nepal.

Critical Mass Kathmandu October 2018

Critical Mass is a global movement of cyclists reclaiming the streets and showing the presence in bigger mass. Critical Mass Kathmandu monthly rides started since April 2013. The October edition of Critical Mass Kathmandu was dedicated to Late Dr. Pralad B. Yonzon. On 31st October, 2011 Dr. Prahlad B. Yonzon, a well-known wildlife biologist of Nepal met with an accident while cycling home from office.

On 26 October, 2018 with the theme of “Road safety in Nepal” we invite all the cyclists and non- cyclist people to show their concern by being visible. 

The Critical Mass Kathmandu meets at 5:30 PM on the last Friday of every month at Basantapur

World Bicycle Forum 2020 to be held in Nepal

The World Bicycle Forum (FMB) is the largest urban cycling event in the world that brings together citizens, groups and international networks of bike-activists and citizens interested in claiming the use of bicycles in public spaces, and how part of sustainable mobility in the city. It is a common good of encounter of the urban world cyclist culture characterized by its horizontality, collaborative relationships and volunteering. This event generates reflection and proposes proposals on: mobility, citizenship, planning, access and sustainability in order to positively impact the destiny of our cities. The forum is organized, designed, managed, carried out and maintained by bike-activists.

According to its creators the WBF began as an answer to an automobile driver deliberately colliding with around 20 cyclists that were participating in a Critical Mass event in Porto Alegre on February 25, 2011. The first edition of the WBF took place during the first anniversary of these events.

The WBF is composed of different events that include discussion panels with invited speakers, self-managed workshops, cultural activities including art and video exhibitions, artistic performances and several cycling events.

Beyond the discussion, the WBF tries to strengthen the social networks among participants from different cities and countries, to encourage permanent changes in the venue city and, through the sharing of experiences and practical workshops, to stimulate an immediate personal change of the participants.

The WBF has been held in the Brazilian cities of Porto Alegre (2012 and 2013) and Curitiba (2014). In 2015 Medellin, Colombia, was the first city outside of Brazil to host the event. The 2016 edition of the event took place in Santiago, Chile, from March 31 to April 05, 2016 and 2017 edition was held in Mexico City, Mexico April 19 to 23 2017, with the theme ‘Handmade Cities’. The 2018 edition was held in Lima, Peru February 22 to 26 where representatives from Nepal, Mr. Shail Shrestha and Mr. Sramdip Purkoti participated in the event and won the election to hold the forum in the year 2020 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

We also invite all the interested people, groups or organizations to be part of the team for WBF 2020. Please write to us at

Winner of Click2win for Kora Announced

With a chance to fly to any destination in Europe, courtesy of Turkish Airlines a online photo competition was held during Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2018. Top 10 photographs amongst 68 entries were judged by Photo Kathmandu and the winner was selected by the highest number of likes in the facebook.

Amongst the top 10 finalist Mr. Bivek Shrestha received 4.4k likes in the facebook and won the Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge Photo Competition. Bibek Shrestha, winner of the #kora18 click2win won himself a ticket to anywhere in Europe sponsored by Turkish Airlines. 

Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2018

Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2018

In Buddhism and Hinduism a Kora is a circumambulation, done clockwise, usually around a religious structure. It is said that a single Kora around Mt. Kailash in Tibet for example is enough for one lifetime. Kathmandu, with its myriad religious structures is a perfect location to do a circumambulation. It boasts two of the most revered Buddhist Stupas of Boudha & Swayambhu, and one of the top eight temples for Hindus worldwide, Pashupatinath. This Challenge circumambulates the valley, clockwise, right at the edge of the valley, away from the hustle of the city, through small dirt trails passing by picturesque rural settings, raising money per km biked for a worthy cause.

Kora Cycling Challenge has become a name which every cycle enthuse feels proud to be part of. There are two reason to it, one get an opportunity to ride historical places around Kathmandu and second the riders raise fund for the causes. The challenge was started back in 2011 with 35 riders and this year the ride took place simultaneously in four different places i.e. Butwal, Pokhara, Hetauda and Dharan beside Kathmandu- supporting the need to raise funds for the Narayan Gopal Fund – and also to help build the cycling communities via this mass ride. 

The main organisers of this event in Kathmandu are Socialtours and Kathmandu Cycle City 2020, Cycle City Network Nepal, supported by outdoor event partners Pangro. This is supported by various organizations, volunteers, clubs, and companies. Three different categories i.e. 50km, 75km and 100km was challenge for the riders in which this year’s challenge saw participation of 2213 cyclist in Kathmandu itself.

Eight years ago, the seed of promoting adventure sport supported crowdsourcing for social good was born in the form of Kathmandu Kora. Over the years with charitable assistance from fellow riders and supporters, Kathmandu Kora was able to complete various projects that brought huge benefits to the local communities. Resources raised from Kora 2011 were used to upgrade schooling facilities at Samata School and OCCED.

Subsequent funds were then used, with the technical support of Save the Children Alliance, to upgrade a birthing center at Rukum and a Health Post in Dolakha. Funds contributed to Kora 2013 were used to build a completely new birthing center in Baitadi. Similarly pledges from 2015 was used to build a health post at Makaibari in Dolakha, post the devastating Earthquake. Over the years the cycling fraternity has made its presence felt in local communities. To date, over Rs. 50,00,000 has been invested in social causes. In 2017, the last edition had over 2500 riders raising over Rs. 500,000 for the Bungamati Trails Initiative – the first ever attempt to create a cycling destination in Nepal! Funds are currently being utilised by the Initiative to build and mark trails, and work on the other requirements of a cycling destination!

This year Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge 2018 called for a proposal for a cause to support during the 2018 ride and raise funds through pledges subsequently. The cause to support could Team Kora – judged on ingenuity, clarity and marketability of the cause and two causes were selected.

This year, three causes have been selected to fund-raise for :-

#Ladies Mountain League – which is trying to empower women through adventure sports. Details at


#Survivor Nepal – which provides a cash incentive to earthquake safe housing. Details at


#Narayan Gopal Fund – aimed to help the family of National Cyclist Late Narayan Gopal Maharjan, who met with an unfortunate accident while racing in Sri Lanka.



New Board Members appointed for the upcoming term

On 14 July 2018, Cycle City Network Nepal(CCNN) held its 4th Annual General Meeting at HUB, Thamel. This day was marked to handover leadership to the new formed committee. Meeting was held in the presence of CCNN’s past members and beloved guest.

Mr. Sailendra Dongol, newly appointed president for the term 2018-2020 presented upcoming plans and programs for CCNN. He also introduced new board members for this term. Former president and treasurer, Mr. Shail Shrestha and Mr. Chakshu Bikram Malla respectively presented reports on past activities and finances.

Guest Attendees

  • Mr. Pushkar Shah, World Cyclist & Mt. Everest Summiteer
  • Mr. Bhushan Tuladhar, Technical Director, UN- Habitat
  • Mr. Rajendra Thapa, VP, Tour de Lumbini
  • Mr. Prakash Dhakwa, President, Chepang Mtb Club
  • Mr. Juju Kaji Maharjan, President, Heart Beat
  • Mr. Som Rana, Urban Planner
  • Ms. Usha Titikshu, first woman photojournalist of Nepal
  • Mr. Hari Kumar Silwal, VP, ACAN
  • Mr. Raj Gyawali, MD, Social Tours
  • Mr. Ratna Ram Shrestha, President, Nepal Cycle and Wheelchair Society
  • Ms. Jenny Caunt, Himalayan Single Track

All of the invited guests welcomed the new board and give their word of advice to the team.

New appointed board for the term 2018-2020

  1. Mr. Sailendra Dongol, President
  2. Mrs. Dristy Shrestha, Secretary
  3. Nivesh Dugar, Vice President
  4. Mr. Gaurav Shrestha, Treasurer
  5. Diwash Lal Pradhan
  6. Chakshu Bikram Malla
  7. Sweta Pandey
  8. Greeshma Pradhan
  9. Khasing Chandra Rai
  10. Prashant Khanal
  11. Samir Maharjan
  12. Dharma Nagarkoti
  13. Shishir Raj Joshi
  14. Shail Shrestha, Immediate Past President


Strategic Planning Workshop

Cycle City Network Nepal  had it’s strategic meeting on 26 May 2018 at Portal Bike premises at Chobar. This meeting was facilitated by Mr Bhushan Tuladhar. The main objective of the workshop was to gather more energy with a strategy to meet the organizational goals provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals. The workshop was also conducted  for guiding day-to-day decisions and also for evaluating progress and changing approaches for Cycle City Network Nepal. 

Supposedly a full day event started with the tour of Portal bikes factory.

Portal Bikes Pvt ltd is a company with a mission, “TO DEVELOP THE WORLD’S MOST INNOVATIVE AND ADAPTABLE BICYCLES THAT TRANSFORM LIVES AND POWER BUSINESSES” makes world class bikes in Nepal which can carry extra load & power tools such as corn shellers. They have sold more than 70 portal bikes in Nepal since it was founded in 2014 told Caleb Spears, the founder of company.

After the tour, we did a short tea break before starting the strategic meeting in the conference hall. We proceed the meeting first by doing the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threat) analysis. All members in the meeting actively contributed on this session. And, the result were pretty good. We really had time to reflect our organization’s strength and weaknesses. It was already noon by the time we finished this discussion so it was time for a longer break, a lunch break actually.

Friendly staffs of portal bikes were kind enough to serve us the lunch. The informal discussion continued during this break too. Nivesh, Diwash were having quite a good discussion with Bhushan sir while Khasing, Dharma were busy with a DSLR camera.

After about an hour of break, we again sat for the final session. This time we divided 12 members into 4 groups and Bhushan sir assigned us four different tasks. Tenzing from portal bikes also joined us for this session. The team scattered in four different corners on the first floor of Portal premise. Sailendra’s team were the first one to finish their task but Diwash and Shail’s team were having quite a good discussion so were the last team to do their job.

After around 45 minutes, all team again gathered at conference hall and started demonstrating their presentation. All teams came out with different innovative and creative presentation. This session came out to be another fruitful so we decided to document these presentations. Well after completing this presentation it was 4pm already and also the end of our strategic meeting.

Team CCNN had a quality productive session after a very long time, we look forward formulating all the things that we managed to document to make our organization’s strategy for upcoming 2 years. 

We would like to thank Mr. Bhushan Tuladhar sir for his time and facilitating this session, he has always inspired us to do more. And also like to thank Team Portal bikes especially Caleb Spears the founder and staffs Daniel and Tenzing.

Text: Chakshu Bikram Malla

Photo credit : Khasing Chandra Rai

Bagmati Corridor Cycle Rally

One way to revive the Bagmati to her former glory is draw more people near its bank and we believe creating cycle lanes along the corridor will definitely increase the human mobility in and around. Once the lifeline of Kathmandu valley, Bagmati and its tributaries now needs immediate intervention to bring them back to life. While campaign like the river clean ups are getting better with active people participation long term interventions are equally needed for its sustainability. Creating the cycle lanes and converting the corridors into recreational park along them will be the long term intervention. Lets make this rally bigger to let the policy makers know, we need dedicated cycle lanes along the river corridors. Come up with your friends and families, lets ride and celebrate together, the Bagmati River Festival.
So let’s ride together along the Bagmati corridor to highlight the importance of cycle lanes and celebrate Bagmati River Festival together.
Legendary scholar, historian Satya Mohan Joshi will be flagging off our rally from Kupondole Bagmati bank.
Event Detail:
Gathering time: 7:00 am
Flag off: 7:30 am
Location: Bagmati Bank, Kupondole (Below Kupondole bridge on Lalitpur side)
Route on google map:

Riding for a Cause: Ride for Refugees II

Words: Natasha Limbu
Photos: Sadip Rai, Bijaybar Pradhan

It’s not uncommon for us to sit around and wonder if we can really make any difference in the world. Well, more than 600 participants, marshals and volunteers came together for Ride for Refugees II this year, and it’s safe to say that none of us kept wondering anymore – we actually made a difference.
Together with Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN), Ride for Refugees II was the second annual cycle ride organized by UNHCR Nepal to mark World Refugee Day in Nepal. 17th of June, 2017 wasn’t a typical Saturday for anyone involved in the ride. Even though the ride wasn’t scheduled to start from until 7:30 AM, people were already starting to show up as early as an hour before the starting time. As the starting point, Patan Durbar Square was bustling with excitement that morning. It was astonishing to witness the diversity of participants that day. People from different age groups, communities, and nations came together to support a single cause – to stand with refugees. To name a few, refugees from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Somalia were proudly participating in the ride. Even Miss Asia Pacific Nepal 2017 Sahara Basnet was geared up for the ride. Director of UNHCR Nepal – Kevin Allen, UNESCO Representative to Nepal – Christian Manhart, Director of World Health Organization (WHO) Nepal – Dr Jos Vandelaer, and representatives from Ministry of Foreign Affairs were also enthusiastic for the ride to begin. People who had never even participated in cycle rallies before were also there to support the cause.
To paint a scenario of the starting point that morning, more than half a thousand people were gathered at the heart of the durbar square while some marshals were busy in the corner with registration and t-shirt distribution. Unlike other participants, who were in the ride’s official white t-shirts, 100 excited nun mountain bikers aka Kung-Fu Nuns from Druk Amitabh Monastery were geared up in red cycling suits. The sound of hundreds of excited conversations flowed throughout the durbar square, and everyone was eager for the ride to commence. After a quick safety and ride briefing, ride marshals started leading the ride to the breathtaking Khokana village. The 2 hour cycle ride went from Patan Durbar Square to Nakkhu to Karya Binayak Temple to the beautiful Khokana, where everyone took a break to enjoy the view. Even though there were a lot of up-hills, potholes, and rocky trails along the way, it was amazing to see that everyone gave their best to ride ahead together. All the participants had sweaty foreheads and a strong determination to complete the ride. The ride officially ended at Mitho Mitho – The Tavern & Restaurant at Bhaisepati, where everyone enjoyed refreshments. Squeals of joy signified the end of the ride and everyone had a shared sense of accomplishment. Through puffs and pants while cycling in the summer heat, everyone showed that standing with refugees is really a matter of importance right now. Ride for Refugees II has definitely sent a message out in the public that as citizens of the world, we need to stand with refugees.


Dear Riders,

Thank you again for registering for UNHCR’s second annual Ride for Refugees. Here we provide you with additional logistical details, Schedule and Map for the ride Saturday on 17th June.
orld Refugee Day 2017
Ride for Refugees 2017 – Patan Durbar Square to Khokana
17 June 2017, Saturday

Start Point: Patan Durbar Square

6:30 am – 7:20 am – Registration and t-shirt distribution
7:20 am – Ride and Safety briefing by Cycle City Network Nepal
7:30 am – Cycle rally starts
8:30 am – Shree Kali Temple (water point)
9:00 am – Khokana
9:30 am – Mitho Mitho The Tavern & Restaurant, Bhaisepati (refreshment point)

T-shirt & Refreshment Coupon Distribution:
There will be 4 distribution booths at Patan Durbar Square based on t-shirt size, as below.
2. L
3. M
4. S
You will receive a refreshment coupon along with your t-shirt that you chose during web registration. You will have to present the coupon at the Mitho Mitho The Tavern & Restaurant for the refreshment.




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