With the idea of reclaiming the streets by students on bicycles, a KIDICAL MASS ride was organized on the second Friday of Jestha. Students from Tri-Padma participated in the Event, organized by Cycle City Network Nepal where they commuted to their Schools on their bicycles. The Students were safely guided to the School by the bicycle Marshals and with the support from Traffic Police in the Area. A total of 25 students participated in the 4 KM ride that took place in Lalitpur. The ride started from Jawalakhel and ended at Tri-Padma School. Previously a training session and workshop for the students was organized at the School to inform the Students about the burning issue of air pollution in Kathmandu, where they were provided with bicycles as an alternative means of transportation to curb air pollution. The later part of the workshop consisted of the necessary skills and training on bicycle, its benefits and safety knowledge to commute via bicycle.

The Event took Place under the Program “Bike To School - For Clean Air”. The idea of the Kidical Mass is to showcase that Roads should be a safe Place for Children and Students to commute independently.Safety in terms of Air Quality and traffic Safety shall be considered.The Constitution of Nepal has stated “Right To Clean Air” as a basic right of each and every citizen of the Nation. However the current scenario says otherwise. Especially the urbanized areas of Nepal like Kathmandu,which has often been listed as one of the most polluted cities in the world in terms of Air Quality prove to be hazardous for the vulnerable group of young population in terms of Health. The Transportation Sector accounting for 14 % of the total Air Pollution in Kathmandu has been seizing the rights of the residents of “Right To Clean Air” provided by the Constitution of Nepal. It is clear through research and observation that Children are one of the most vulnerable groups to be affected by Air Pollution.

With the help from the administration of Tri Padma School, the students were made aware about the Event. Because of the approval of the educational institution, it was easier for the parents to send their Children to Schools on Bicycles. The Students had also made requests to organize an event where they will be able to ride their bicycles safely. Scout Groups were also utilized by the School Administration for the Management of the Event. Students were able to enjoy the ride safely along with their friends.



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