Strategic Planning Workshop

Cycle City Network Nepal  had it’s strategic meeting on 26 May 2018 at Portal Bike premises at Chobar. This meeting was facilitated by Mr Bhushan Tuladhar. The main objective of the workshop was to gather more energy with a strategy to meet the organizational goals provides a sense of direction and outlines measurable goals. The workshop was also conducted  for guiding day-to-day decisions and also for evaluating progress and changing approaches for Cycle City Network Nepal. 

Supposedly a full day event started with the tour of Portal bikes factory.

Portal Bikes Pvt ltd is a company with a mission, “TO DEVELOP THE WORLD’S MOST INNOVATIVE AND ADAPTABLE BICYCLES THAT TRANSFORM LIVES AND POWER BUSINESSES” makes world class bikes in Nepal which can carry extra load & power tools such as corn shellers. They have sold more than 70 portal bikes in Nepal since it was founded in 2014 told Caleb Spears, the founder of company.

After the tour, we did a short tea break before starting the strategic meeting in the conference hall. We proceed the meeting first by doing the SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity and Threat) analysis. All members in the meeting actively contributed on this session. And, the result were pretty good. We really had time to reflect our organization’s strength and weaknesses. It was already noon by the time we finished this discussion so it was time for a longer break, a lunch break actually.

Friendly staffs of portal bikes were kind enough to serve us the lunch. The informal discussion continued during this break too. Nivesh, Diwash were having quite a good discussion with Bhushan sir while Khasing, Dharma were busy with a DSLR camera.

After about an hour of break, we again sat for the final session. This time we divided 12 members into 4 groups and Bhushan sir assigned us four different tasks. Tenzing from portal bikes also joined us for this session. The team scattered in four different corners on the first floor of Portal premise. Sailendra’s team were the first one to finish their task but Diwash and Shail’s team were having quite a good discussion so were the last team to do their job.

After around 45 minutes, all team again gathered at conference hall and started demonstrating their presentation. All teams came out with different innovative and creative presentation. This session came out to be another fruitful so we decided to document these presentations. Well after completing this presentation it was 4pm already and also the end of our strategic meeting.

Team CCNN had a quality productive session after a very long time, we look forward formulating all the things that we managed to document to make our organization’s strategy for upcoming 2 years. 

We would like to thank Mr. Bhushan Tuladhar sir for his time and facilitating this session, he has always inspired us to do more. And also like to thank Team Portal bikes especially Caleb Spears the founder and staffs Daniel and Tenzing.

Text: Chakshu Bikram Malla

Photo credit : Khasing Chandra Rai



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