Kora 16 Warm up Ride

Date: Saturday,2 July, 2016

Time: 7:00 AM –  5PM


Title:Pre-Kora Ladies Ride


Theme:Warm up ride for Kora 2016

Event Summary:

The event was scheduled at sharp 7am and the gathering time was 6:45 am.We waited till 7:30 am for more riders.Around 7:30 we took group pictures and we started our ride with a total of  13 riders.Among them 9 were girls and 4 were boys.Even though we named it girls ride,we took some male riders too to make our ride convenient and to make the trail familiar for them too.The ride was helpful  for all of us in knowing  how  the trail is that we are going for kora.Since most of the riders were just a beginners,the trail was totally new.The trail was around the Kathmandu valley which covered Lalitpur, Kirtipur and Kathmandu.Most of the trail was muddy and we found it a bit difficult.The main objective of this ride was to make the girl and beginner  riders come forward and make them able to ride together.While riding we remind them three golden rules of cycling-Drink before you are thirsty,Eat before you are hungry,and change the gear before you need.We all tried our best to follow those rules.Since the way was too muddy,some of our friends had an accident but not that serious.We stopped at some of the beautiful places to take some photos.Due to the rain we couldn’t complete our 50 km ride and we didn’t force the riders to rush too.Overall the riders enjoyed the ride n they all were happy to be a part of it and it shows that they can go for kora 16.

Words: Usha Khanal



Hari Bansha / Madan Krishna dai calls for citizens to unite for a cycle city in Nepal !

हरिवंश र मदन कृष्ण जोडिले हाम्रा शहरहरुलाई हराभरा बनाउन र साइकल चलाउन मिल्ने शहर बनाउन आवहान गर्दै आज ! यस्तै सकारात्मक परिवर्तनका लागि हामी नेपाली एक हौँ !

At today’s cycle rally organized by citizens, Hari Bansha and Madan Krishna (MaHa) showing support for a city that is greener and cleaner. Nepal unites for a cycle lane in Kathmandu and other cities in Nepal.

Cycling and the City -Kathmandu


This documentary follows the Kathmandu Cycle City 2020 campaign’s journey and offers a glimpse of the lives of everyday citizens for whom the bicycle represents a livelihood, and questions a diverse cross section of Nepali society to ascertain whether bicycle infrastructure can be successfully implemented in the city. The bicycle is an affordable means of transportation that is well suited to the topography and size of Kathmandu. For five years now, the Kathmandu Cycle City 2020 campaign has worked tenaciously towards a more bicycle-friendly Kathmandu. Their efforts have ranged from bicycle rallies and radio shows to campaigns and lobbying the government. With the recent road-widening scheme underway in many parts of the city, this is an opportune moment to construct bicycle lanes on the streets of Kathmandu, and realize the promise of a livable city.

Go Cycling Around The Valley

This time of the year, when the harsh chill of winter is gradually replaced by warmer weather, is just the right time to embrace outdoor events during the weekends. The outdoor activities will help you rejuvenate from weeklong work and also prevent creativity burnout. Exploring the beautiful mountainsides that offer a good supply of fresh air is certainly a good idea for a weekend gateway. And if you add cycling to it, it can prove to be a whole new experience altogether.

Diwash Pradhan, 27, prefers to cycle during his weekend gateways with friends. Though, he has been using his mountain bike for daily commutation since the last four years, he still loves to go around on his cycle for recreation.

“When we used to travel on motorbikes, we just used to rush to the destination, laze around there and then head back. But as we started cycling, the gateways have become more pleasurable as we can enjoy the whole journey,” he says.

Due to the nature of the landscape of Kathmandu, experiencing mountain biking in and around the capital is highly recommended. There are various places around the valley which are regarded as training spots for cyclists to increase their endurance while cycling, especially in regard to fitness.

Mudku, the hilly station situated at the northeast of Kathmandu valley, on the way to Kakani, is also one such spot preferred by cyclists to boost their stamina.
“When the weather is clear, you can see 30-40 cyclists riding in that area. Mudku is a popular spot for cyclists,” says Pradhan.

Accompanying Pradhan on his cycling journey is his friend, Shramdip Purkoti, who prefers more adventurous journeys on his mountain bike. Though he hates to ride the cycle during monsoon, he says that otherwise, he prefers cycle over any other mode of transportation.

Purkoti started cycling three years back but then, it was just out of curiosity. “Back then, I was not sold on the idea that you can cycle every day, but since I was an environment student then, I started cycling in an effort to reduce my carbon footprint,” he says.

Pradhan and Purkoti venture to Nagarjun, Chisapani, Chitlang among other mountainsides around Kathmandu valley.

However, they suggest that beginners should try cycling inside the valley to get used to the vehicle and build their stamina before opting for adventure and long gateways. The alleys and alternate roads in the valley is a boon for cyclists, as they can easily avoid main roads and have a safe ride.

“The Durbar square areas are also enjoyable for cycling, and there are many such shortcuts that can be taken only on cycles,” says Pradhan. Apart from narrow alleys and alternate roads, one can also take the river corridors, which are generally wide and less busy.

Cycling has also become a fitness lifestyle choice for many. Outdoor events with friends on cycles not only make a pleasurable journey but also help to keep tabs on your health. It is regarded as one of the most enjoyable fitness routine all around the world.

“Though we miss our gym routines and lag behind on exercises, our cycle rides help us stay fit to a large extent,” adds Purkoti.

Riding cycles around the valley also helps one avoid the busy traffic. But Pradhan and Purkoti advise cyclists to use back lights and reflectors and strictly obey the traffic rules to avoid accidents. According to them, cycles are generally safe rides unless the rider is ignorant about the safety measures.

Cycle rides also help to cut the budget as the no-emission vehicle requires very less maintenance as compared to other motor vehicles. Cycling can be a best friend for people who are looking for a two-in-one activity that includes fitness and recreation. And since cycling is also a great way to explore the capital city, it is time to check the gears and go cycling.

Cycle Mela: Kathmandu University 2014


Marking the World Environment Day 2014 with the slogan “Raise your voice, not the sea level”, we, youth, cycle enthusiasts of Kathmandu University are intending to promote cycle and cycling culture through a day event titled “Bicycle Mela:2014” on 5th June 2014. We aim to encourage youths through entertainment, awareness, talk program and media for the promotion of cycling culture and eco-friendly mode of transportation. With this event we expect youth to be aware about the use of cycle in their day to day lives.



Cycle Rally
Talk Program
Stunt Show
Photography Competition
Cycle Miniature Design Competition
Slow Cycle Race
Treasure Hunt
Cycle Polo
Snake Trial
Bicycle Maintenance Training


Grand Prizes: City Cycles
Event Prizes: T-shirts, Gift Hampers, Chocolates and many more…



Kathmandu Cycle City 2020 (KCC2020) is a campaign that started in Kathmandu University in 2009 with the primary goals to make cycle friendly University and to make Kathmandu a cycle friendly city by 2020 with various cycle infrastructures. So far KCC has done discussions programs, talk shows, rallies, lobbying at different government agencies, department and ministries for the required policies and cycling infrastructures in Kathmandu. Recently we had gifted a bicycle to the Prime Minister on the World Environment Day as to appeal for the needed attention on the issue. In 2012, an NGO named Cycle City Network Nepal was registered under which various campaigns like Kathmandu Cycle City, Banepa Cycle City, Dharan Cycle City, Pokhara Cycle City etc are being conducted simultaneously.

Talking about the cycling scenario of Kathmandu University we had installed cycle stands inside the KU premises last year. This year we aim to take the campaign to the next level by
awaring the faculties and students about the benefits of cycling, physically and economically. We have been promoting cycling in Kathmandu University since last two years by organizing cycle rally on World Environment Day from Kathmandu to Dhulikhel.

Marking World Environment Day 2014 celebrating with the slogan “Raise your voice, not the sea level”, this year we are planning this program to be conducted on 5th June, 2014 (Thursday) primarily focusing on youth and enthusiasts of Kathmandu University and secondarily cycle enthusiasts all around Kathmandu valley and Kavre. We aim to encourage clean and green environment with zero emission through the promotion of cycle.

Bicycle Handed Over to PM Bhattarai- Media Coverage

Shail Shrestha, president of ‘Kathmandu Cycle City 2020’, a youth network working for the promotion and advocacy of bicycle and bicycle friendly infrastructures, handed over a bicycle (Jomsom Bike) to the Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai today on the occasion of Environment Day at a program by Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology held at Nepal Academy Hall, Kamaladi.

They bicycle was bought from the fund collected from participant cyclists of Mega Cycle Rally conducted on April 6, 2012 in association with Clean Energy Nepal, Nepal Unites, World Cyclist’s Foundation Nepal, Come On Youth Stand Up, Step for Miles, Rotaract Club and Resources Himalaya.

The gifted bicycle is a Jomsom Bike, made for Nepal, assembled in Nepal, by Chain Bikes, which the organizers hope the PM will use after his much popular Mustang Jeep.

The purpose was to request the PM and all the stakeholders concerned to work for the betterment and safety of roads and make bicycle friendly planning which includes dedicated cycle lanes in Kathmandu, consideration of tax in bicycle and related accessories, programs to encourage bicycle use and cycle safety and inclusion of cycle in National Transport Policy. Cycle being a sustainable means of transport fits well into World Environment Day 2012 theme, Green Economy: Does it include you?



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