Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN) was formed by a group of bachelor students from Kathmandu University who were inspired by their vision of a sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transportation. They were acutely aware of the detrimental effects of urban air pollution, traffic congestion, and the impact on public health caused by increased reliance on fossil fuel-powered automobiles, particularly in Kathmandu.

The founding group launched numerous initiatives to fulfill its goal of making Kathmandu a bike-friendly city. They staged massive demonstrations and activities to raise awareness about the benefits of cycling as well as the critical need for cycling infrastructure development. Their goal was to have a favorable impact on public opinion and obtain support for their cause.

Furthermore, the founding group aggressively advocated for the construction of cycle-friendly infrastructure with numerous ministries, notably the Ministry of Road. They presented their case and ideas for incorporating cycling into urban planning. These activities attempted to influence legislation and promote the development of sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions in Kathmandu.

In summary, the CCNN was founded by a group of passionate and devoted bachelor students who saw the potential of cycling as a sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transportation. Their actions, which included rallying, attending media events, and meeting with legislators, were all geared at supporting the development of cycling infrastructure and changing Kathmandu into a cycle-friendly city. Their activities were motivated by a desire to influence legislation and promote sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation options in Kathmandu.



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