Kora 2023

In Buddhism and Hinduism a Kora is a circumambulation, done clockwise, usually around a religious structure. It is said that a single Kora around Mt. Kailash in Tibet for example is enough for one lifetime.

Kathmandu, with its myriad religious structures is a perfect location to do a circumambulation. It boasts two of the most revered Buddhist Stupas of Boudha & Swayambhu, and one of the top eight temples for Hindus worldwide, Pashupatinath.

This Challenge circumambulates the valley, clockwise, right at the edge of the valley, away from the hustle of the city, through small dirt trails passing by picturesque rural settings, raising money per kilometer biked for a worthy cause.

Kora Cycling Challenge has become a name which every cycle enthuse feels proud to be part of. There are two reason to it, one is to get an opportunity to ride places around your city and second the riders raise funds for the causes. The challenge was started back in 2011 with 35 riders.

12 years ago, the seed of promoting adventure sport supported crowdsourcing for social good was born in the form of Kathmandu Kora. Over the years with charitable assistance from fellow riders and supporters, Kathmandu Kora was able to complete various projects that brought huge benefits to the local communities. Resources raised from Kora 2011 were used to upgrade schooling facilities at Samata School and OCCED.

Since 2011 over Rs.70,00,000 have been contributed to different charities all across Nepal. Contributions have been made to diverse fields from Disaster Relief, Health, Education, Sports and so on. Over the years, the Kora Cycling Challenge has become a beacon of hope for local communities, as the funds raised have been strategically utilized to support numerous projects. From upgrading schooling facilities to enhancing healthcare infrastructure, the challenge's positive ripple effect has been deeply felt by those in need. This year fundraising to support the reconstruction efforts in Turkey after the devastating earthquakes there and added to this legacy of social contribution. After the devastating earthquakes of 2015 in Nepal, the first international responders to arrive were the Turkish, on the first international flight that arrived the next morning from Turkey. More of a reason to support Turkey.


Event Highlights

The spirit of the Kora Cycling Challenge has transcended geographical boundaries, with this year's event simultaneously taking place 25 Places including Damak, Birtamod, Birgunj, Biratnagar, Chitwan, Mahendranagar, Dang, Lamjung, Nepalgunj, Hetauda, Bara, Butwal, Sainamaina, Tarahara, Panauti, Bhaktapur, Dharan, Kawasoti, Udaipur, Singapore, India, Canada, Germany, Perth, USA.

Assisted by USAID, Team Kora were able to work together to empower women through Women Marshal Training for Kathmandu Kora. The Kora Challenge's organizers view this effort as significant for several reasons. Primarily, it aids to amplify female involvement in cycling. Secondly, it has equipped women with essential skills and knowledge for safe and confident riding. Lastly, it contributes to advancing gender equality in Nepal. And the participating females were able to connect with the concept of Kora. Their Energy helped for further advancement of Kora this Year.

Kora was introduced to Four New Places this Year. Chitwan had their first Kora with their visit to Chitwan National Park, which was included in the Kora Route. Panauti Kora was also held for the First Time and with the support from local government bodies, the event was boosted. Likewise Lamjung Kora was also held for the first time with the collective effort of the cyclists in the area. It’s a great feeling for the organizers at Kora when the ride is introduced to new places and the cycling community of the area come together to Celebrate Kora. It brightens the Success of team Kora in moving forward with the concept of the Event.

The Kora Organizers from different regions collaborated with their local businesses, communities, and local government to make the event grand and facilitate their participants better.

As the wheels of change keep turning, the Kora Cycling Challenge stands as a testament to the potential of harnessing collective action for positive impact. Beyond the physical exertion and picturesque landscapes, the event embodies a sense of purpose, unity, and a commitment to uplifting communities and the cycling Community itself. Kora 2023 has once again illuminated the path forward, inspiring individuals to pedal for change and contribute to the betterment of society.

Kora in different cities

SN Cities Province Number of Participants
1 Bara Madhesh 69
2 Bhaktapur Bagmati 528
3 Biratnagar Koshi 14
4 Birendranagar Karnali 4
5 Birgunj Madhesh 3
6 Birtamod Koshi 89
7 Butwal Lumbini 5
8 Canada 1
9 Chitwan Bagmati 84
10 Cochin 1
11 Damak Koshi 167
12 Dang Lumbini 12
13 Dharan Koshi 89
14 Hetauda Bagmati 345
15 Kassel/ Germany 3
16 Kathmandu Bagmati 2055
17 Kawasoti Gandaki 70
18 Lamjung Gandaki 32
19 Mahendranagar Sudurpaschim 40
20 Nepalgunj Lumbini 47
21 Panauti Bagmati 65
22 Perth 1
23 Pokhara Gandaki 4
24 Singapore 12
25 Udayapur/ gaighat Madhesh 105
26 USA 9



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