Let’s Talk About Bicycle





Date: Friday, June 10, 2016

Time: 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Venue: CCNN office

Title: Let’s Talk About Bicycle

Organizer: CCNN

Theme: To promote general bicycle discussion

Event Summary:  Scheduled for a Friday afternoon, the screening cum discussion event was delayed due to heavy showers. The event participants who were mostly bicycle commuters were held back due to the rain. After a long wait, the 3 pm event eventually took off at quarter past 4. We were a total of 20 participants who had gathered at the secretariat.

Prior to the movie screening, we watched innovative advertisements and marketing content related to the bicycles along with past works of CCNN on the video and media front. Then at around 4:30 pm we began the formal programme with the introduction. Since some of us were new, everybody shared a brief introduction and what the bicycle meant for them. After that around 5:10 we started watching the movie KLUNKERZ:A film About Mountain Bike History .The movie was about how the mountain biking started,what was the starting phase,who were behind bringing mountain biking forward; the one’s who gave birth to a whole new sport – mountain biking. It is an inspirational movie which shows how the people of those days figured out mountain biking the hard way using bikes without any suspension or front brake.After completing the movie Sailendra Dongol, Vice President, CCNN created a platform everybody got a chance to share their views,thoughts,ideas and the concept they got from the movie.

Words: Usha Khanal

Pictures: Khasing Rai

Pictures:Khasing Rai



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