Photo Exhibition, In Celebration of World Bicycle Day 2022


Upon the call for a Photo Contest on the occasion of World Bicycle Day, organized by Cycle City Network Nepal from May 19 to May 31, 2022, about 123 photos depicting stories and messages behind the subject of the photos were received. As the theme of the contest was “Bicycle and Environment”, the subject of the photos was basically a bicycle. Photography is not only about capturing the subject, but also an art. We found different creativity added to the subject of the photos that the participants want others to observe, and feel about the subject.

Among the 123 photos, the top 18 photos were chosen to exhibit for the photo exhibition. The top 18 photos include 1 winning photo with 2 special mention photos. The jury of the competition was Mr.Kishor Shrestha from Nepal Photo Journalist Federation, Ms.Nisha Bhandari, Photojournalist –, and Mr.Susheel Shrestha, Photojournalist Through the intensive selection round, the top 18 photos were chosen.

Special Mention Photographer Pramin Manandhar Receiving Certificate and Prize from Jury
Jury member Kishor Shrestha receiving appreciation certificate from CCNN team member Naina Nembang
Jury Member Susheel Shrestha receiving appreciation certificate from Vice President of CCNN Nivesh Dugar
Participants and jury pose for a group picture at Batuka Creamery

The photo exhibition will be held from June 4 to June 18 (11 am-7 pm) at Batuka Creamery, Basantapur. The opening of the exhibition was held on June 3, 2022, at 4 pm at the venue followed by prize distribution. Mr. Jenson Singh became the winner of the photo contest and walked away with Cash prize of Nrs 5000 along with gift hampers from Greenway, Mtb Cafe and Batuka Creamery , while the two special mentions were Mr. Aakash Shrestha and Mr. Pramin Manandhar who won gift hampers by Greenway Nepal, Mtb Cafe and Batuka Creamery respectively.

Through the lens of the photographers, we will view the subject of the photo the way they want us to see it, and connect with the subject and its background story. Organizing the photo contest and photo exhibition, raising awareness about cycling, and conveying the indirect message of conservation through bicycle photography is what Cycle City Network Nepal wanted to achieve. Promoting bicycles and spreading awareness to a wider audience through encouraging bicycle photography can be one of the effective communication tools.


Sno First Name Last Name Gender Country City Caption for your Photograph
1 Jenson Singh Male Nepal Lalitpur Pedal for a thriving planet
2 Manish Kc Male Nepal Kavre Ranges
3 Ram prasad Shahi Male Nepal Kathmandu Cycling through high mountains .
4 Pramin Manandhar Male Nepal Kathmandu A man rides his bicycle while a child holds on to him.
5 Rabin Shrestha Male Nepal Kathmandu Nothing’s better than getting lost in nature with the bike
6 Anuj Shakya Male Nepal Lalitpur Man hath still either toys, or care ; He hath no root, nor to one place is tied, But ever restless and irregular About this Earth doth run and ride. He knows he hath a home, but scarce knows where ; He says it is so far, That he hath quite forgot how to go there.
7 Iftakharul Munna Male Bangladesh Dhaka Save nature
8 Sandesh Gurung Male Nepal Pokhara When in doubt, pedal it out
9 Arun Swamy   India Hyderabad When bicycle forced to merge with nature
10 Niranjan Bista Male Nepal Lalitpur It is an extra fun to cycle in snowy mountain if only global warming is controlled
11 Kumar Lohala Male Nepal Kathmandu Ride to feel nature
12 Nisan Twayana Male Nepal Bhaktapur The Green Paradise
13 Sunil Khyaju Male Nepal Libali The Conquers ( cycle connect bhaktapur)…..king of HILLS Bethanchowk
14 Sunil Khyaju Male Nepal Libali Not only Plane above the cloud !!!!!!
15 Bidhyasagar Tamrakar Male Nepal Kathmandu Childhood companion cycle
16 Aakash Shrestha Male Nepal Birtamode Peeping through the window of nature you see humans enjoying the most amazing invention.
17 Diamond Thapa Aslami Male Nepal Kathmandu Cyclist on foggy weather
18 Prachan Bhujel Male Nepal Tikathali The story behind this beautiful picture is self explanatory during this era of rising fuel prices. This photograph was captured during my regular weekend ride initiated a decade ago to contribute in reducing my carbon footprint. Therefore, I use to say “Burning calories is far better than burning fuel to heal the nature”

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