Basic Bicycle Maintenance Workshop


Date:  Saturday, June 18 2016

Time: 10:00 am to 2:30 pm

Venue: Gnarly Headquarters, Jawalakhel

Title: Basic Bicycle Maintenance Workshop

Organizer: CCNN

Theme: Training

Event Summary:

“If I knew basic maintenance of my bike I would not search bike workshop to repair my bike at the top of Phulchowki Danda” said Usha Khanal, the only one female participant of Basic Bicycle Maintenance Workshop held at Gnarley Headquarter. 7 participants took basic workshop training which was started at 10 am by a team for city’s best mechanics led by Nailes Maharjan. Though workshop was divided into different part we started the 1st part as know your bike where all participant was introduced with all bike parts name. After that Basic Bicycle Maintenance i.e to fit puncture, checking air pressure, regular bike checkup steps, sit adjustment, bike washing tips were given. At last, traffic rules and regulations was discussed and open Q/A platform was provided to participant. Finally, workshop was ended with refreshment.

Words: Kunal Krishna Chaudhary

Pictures:Khasing Rai & Dharma Nagarkoti

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