Kora 2016 Warm Up Ride


Date: Saturday, 2 July, 2016

Time: 7:00 AM –  5PM


Title:Pre-Kora Ladies Ride


Theme:Warm up ride for Kora 2016

Event Summary:

The event was scheduled at sharp 7am and the gathering time was 6:45 am.We waited till 7:30 am for more riders.Around 7:30 we took group pictures and we started our ride with a total of  13 riders.Among them 9 were girls and 4 were boys.Even though we named it girls ride,we took some male riders too to make our ride convenient and to make the trail familiar for them too.The ride was helpful  for all of us in knowing  how  the trail is that we are going for kora.Since most of the riders were just a beginners,the trail was totally new.The trail was around the Kathmandu valley which covered Lalitpur, Kirtipur and Kathmandu.Most of the trail was muddy and we find it a bit difficult.The main objective of this ride was to make the girl and beginner  riders come forward and make them able to ride together.While riding we remind them three golden rules of cycling-Drink before you are thirsty,Eat before you are hungry,and change the gear before you need.We all tried our best to follow those rules.Since the way was too muddy,some of our friends had an accident but not that serious.We stopped at some of the beautiful places to take some photos.Due to the rain we couldn’t complete our 50 km ride and we didn’t force the riders to rush too.Overall the riders enjoyed the ride n they all were happy to be a part of it and it shows that they can go for kora 16.

Words: Usha Khanal







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