Bike to School @ Triyog



School: Tiryog Higher Secondary School

No of Participants :60

Age group:13-15

Facilitator: Chakshu Malla

Volunteers (Supporters): Dharma Nagarkoti, Kunal Chaudary , Samartha Shakya, Bijayabar Lal Pradhan

Activities’ Description: Bike to school is an initiative designed to let children learn more about cycles. This will include helping them learn about the rules and regulations, safety, road rules, different parts of cycle, Using and riding a cycle.Bike to school, as the name stands, will also motivate the kids to ride their cycles to school or to ride a cycle in general. Response/Interaction from/with participants: The kids were very excited to hear about this. They participated and were very interested in the activities we did. The kids learned about the different kinds of accidents that can occur while riding a cycle and also learned how they could use safety gears. Along with this, the kids learned how to use gears and all the different parts of the cycle. Could have been better if (from our side): If the projector had worked we could have showed the kids a power-point presentation. This would have been more effective and less time consuming as, because the projector failed to work, we had to divide the kids into groups and this required 4 volunteers. It would’ve been easier if we could’ve done the presentation. There were not as many questions from their side as we had expected. The school faculty did not provide as much time as required for completing the session and we had to end it in a hurry. Feedback from participants/teachers/principal: The school faculty were also very helpful and helped us learn more about risks to a child’s safety while riding a cycle.The principal of the school suggested us to do a ride for the kids so that they could open a club in school. The faculty seemed very interested in getting kids to ride to school but were worried about the children’s safety and health.But in the end, everyone seemed impressed in what KCC network had to offer.


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