World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day 2021 “I Cycle Because…”


On the occasion of World Bicycle Day 2021, we asked some fellow cyclists why they cycle. We have compiled all the submitted videos and have published them. It was really fun to hear your stories of what you think is needed to make bicycles a true part of everyday life, why it’s fun, why you love it, what kinds of things and places you see on your rides, and what you believe is needed to make bicycles a true part of life. And if you are trying to find a reason to cycle then join us in our campaign “My way, Greenway” through our mobile application. Thank you all for your participation and Happy World Bicycle Day 2021! #CycleCityNetworkNepal #CCNN #cycling #gogreen #healthylife #saveenvironment #WorldBicycleDay #WorldBicycleDayCampaign #purposeofcycling



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