Greenway Nepal exhibited its green innovation at CAN Info-Tech 2022


As a green initiative in the field of information technology with the development of mobile applications, Greenway Nepal App was exhibited at CAN InfoTech 2022, one of Nepal’s most anticipated ICT-related exhibitions. The exhibition is such a place where a broader crowd will be present, so it was an ideal platform to exhibit Greenway Nepal App and raise awareness among the public about how the use of mobile technology can contribute to urban sustainability. Around 281 people attended our exhibition stall.

Organized by the Federation of Computer Association Nepal (CAN), the exhibition was held at Bhrikutimandap, Kathmandu for 6 days from 20-25 April. During the six days event, Greenway Nepal, as a multi-stakeholder campaign implemented by Cycle City Network Nepal (CCNN) with various organizations aiming to promote cycling and sustainable urban mobility, collaborated with its two new consortium partners: Clean Up Nepal and Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) which embarked their future partnership for urban sustainability by extending its scope to solid waste management and plantation of trees.

Although it was a joint effort of the new three partners, each of us had three different activities presented to the public. While we had our greenway app, the other two partners performed solid waste management game/waste management programs (Clean Up Nepal) and briefing about 0ne million trees campaign (WCN). We cooperated and exchanged knowledge of our projects. It was great teamwork. The attendees attracted to cycling and greenway Nepal was given a briefing about the greenway campaign the development of the technological product, the greenway Nepal app, and instructed on how to use it. To perk up this event, a scheme ‘CAN InfoTech event ride’ with a reward of Rs.4500 worth of goodie bags from Pancbike was even launched on the app. Exhibiting at CAN InfoTech, was an opportunity where we interact with the public and learn what areas we are doing well and which areas need room for improvement. On this matter, a research survey was conducted as well so as to know about the perception of the public regarding cycling.

Data were collected from 281 participants which were further given to the research team, GD Labs. Based on their perceptions, it seemed that the majority of the participants knew how to ride a bicycle, and also they seem to be environmentally aware of the use of cycling as a pollution-free mode of transport, however, they feel unsafe riding on the street because of the lack of cycle infrastructures, especially cycle lanes and safety reasons. From the research study, it can be concluded that if there is the availability of proper cycle infrastructures and safety management for cycle riders, Kathmandu has a high potential to be known as a cycle-friendly city. If a government should focus on cycle policy and infrastructure to make cycling safer and easier in a city, it should create vehicle-free zone areas, and also rules and regulations should be stricter and more effective. Some of the changes that the participants think should be made include public awareness about existing cycle infrastructures and giving respect to the cycle riders on the street (especially disrespect from large vehicles). Health benefits, followed by environmental concerns seem to be the motivation for the participants for riding a cycle. Furthermore, if the cycle infrastructures are well improved, it can also be a great motivational factor. Below, we have some data from the research.

As an exhibitor, we not only showcased our app product to the exhibition stall attendees, but also got to exchange information and served as a chance to learn about the current technologies that other exhibitors showcased ranging from the network, security, mobile phones, and other digital solutions used in agriculture, health and other sectors.

The CAN Infotech exhibition was a place where we inform the public about where and how technology met green innovation.



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